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Treat yourself to a gentle hand massage today. This routine is great for anyone who uses their hands a lot, maybe through typing or texting, cooking, gardening, crafting or drawing.

It’s quick and easy and should help your hands feel nice and relaxed.

Hold out your left-hand palm up.

Cup your left hand in your right hand.

Using small circular motions use your right thumb to massage the flesh around the base of your thumb. You can go a little slower than what I’ve shown in the video.

Continue applying those circular motions to the space between your thumb and index finger. I like to work from the wrist outwards.

Repeat in the space between your index and middle finger, and continue across the palm of your hand.

Gently massage the flesh at the base of your little finger.

Run your thumb from your wrist up the length of your little finger.

Gently pull your little finger and wiggle it from side to side.

Repeat for the rest of your fingers and thumb.

Finish by rolling your wrist in a circle. Repeat on your other hand.