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Osteopathy Treatment for Neck PainI offer 1 to 1 Osteopathic Treatment for:

– Back Pain

– Sciatic Pain

– Neck Pain

– Shoulder Pain including rotator cuff injury and frozen shoulder

– Other muscle and joint problems

To book an appointment call 020 8520 5268

Sessions include:

– Detailed case history

– Physical examination of your posture and flexibility. I may also use special tests to check your strength, joints and nerves.

– Diagnosis

– Personalised treatment plan

– Exercise and stretching prescription

– Lifestyle advice

– Posture advice including work station ergonomics.

– Hands on treatment including:

Gentle joint mobilisations,

Joint manipulations where you may hear a click or pop (HVT/HVLAT),

Niel Asher Technique (NAT) for shoulder pain.

Soft Tissue techniques (Massage style work on to your muscles) such as:

– Neuromuscluar technique (NMT),

– Muscle Energy technique (METs),

– Soft Tissue Release (STR),

– Trigger Point therapy,

–  Strain Counter Strain (Scs),


Kinesiology taping


I am:

– Fully qualified with a Bachelors in Osteopathic Medicine, Diploma in Osteopathy and Diploma in Naturopathy from BCOM.   My qualifications are B.Ost.Med DO ND.

– Registered with General Osteopathic Council (no. 6972).

– Member of Institute of Osteopathy

– NAT master practitioner

Book an appointment – Call 020 8520 5268.

Antonieta, Nadia and Sarah are a team of 3 experienced Osteopaths in Walthamstow, E17. We can help you recover from back pain, jaw problems, neck issues and much more.

To make an appointment call 020 8520 5268 or book online.

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