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Office Work & Back Pain

Working at a desk day in, day out is not great for your spine.  You may be at greater risk of neck strain, shoulder tension, back ache and RSI.


You can reduce your risk of injury by:

– Taking regular breaks from sitting (every 30 minutes!) and changing your position often.

– Using good posture at your desk.

– Setting up your work station correctly.


If you suffer from neck or back pain, Osteopathy may be able to help.  Call me on 020 8520 5268 to make an appointment or find out more.



Antonieta, Nadia and Sarah are a team of 3 experienced Osteopaths in Walthamstow, E17. We can help you recover from back pain, jaw problems, neck issues and much more.

To make an appointment call 020 8520 5268 or book online.

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