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Happy New Year to all of my readers!  I hope you had a restful break and a good start to 2017.

January always seems to be filled with resolutions to be fitter and healthier.  Here are my favourite health articles from the month.

1.Why do we wake up with joint stiffness?

2. Hip and shoulder pain may be a hangover from evolving to a bipedal posture.

3.  Should we end office cake culture?

4.  In unsurprising news it seems that sugar free soft drinks do not help with weight loss.

5. Would you try swaddling therapy?  It looks a little strange!


What I’ve Been Up To

December and January have mostly involved eating and resting!

I went on holiday to Lille the week before Christmas.  It was extremely pretty and we enjoyed the Christmas market. We also had plenty of ‘vin chaud’ and Belgian beer.   I can highly recommend a cocktail bar called ‘Le Dandy’, Hospice Comtesse museum and a walk around the Citadelle.

My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a family get together in Exeter.  There didn’t seem much to do in Exeter except look at the Cathedral but it was lovely to see everyone.  They even got a card from the Queen!

Naturally we are looking forward to 2017 and hoping to fill it with plenty of holidays and day trips.  We’re also hoping there’ll be no more expensive maintenance work needed on our flat (fingers crossed!).


What I’m Listening to:  Kid Canaveral – First We Take Dumbarton