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I have a confession to make. I love backpacks. I am a backpack enthusiast.

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It’s all because they are the most spine friendly way to carry your things.

Carrying a bag on just one shoulder obviously places extra strain on the nearby muscles.
It also causes your back to lean to the opposite side to accommodate the weight.
This can lead to tense, sore muscles and in the longer term could contribute to problems with joints in your spine. Basically it is a recipe for back pain, neck pain and even headaches.

Matters are made worse if you carry your bags in your hands or on your elbow. The further the weight from your torso, the greater the strain it places on your body.

Shoulder bags are not good for your back

A backpack spreads weight evenly across both shoulders and keep the load close to your centre of gravity.
This makes it easier for your body to handle the weight and allows your spine to remain balanced.

Obviously you have to use both straps for this to work – carrying a backpack on only one shoulder is pointless!

You should also look at how much you’re putting in your bag. A backpack allows you to transport things more safely and easily but that doesn’t mean you can get away with overloading. If you struggle to lift your bag from the floor or if it is uncomfortable to wear, it’s probably too heavy.


So there we have it: backpacks are awesome and you should invest in a good one.