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I’m often asked what the best sleeping position is, and the best answer is whichever position feels most comfortable.

Having said that there are some advantages and disadvantages to each position.

On your Back

Many people with neck pain seem to find it more comfortable to sleep on their back.   It’s best to sleep with a fairly flat pillow so your neck is held in a nice neutral position.

Some people find resting on their back with their legs straight can irritate the low back.  Those people might find it more comfortable with a pillow under their knees or with their knees bent.


On your Side

Sleeping on your side with your legs slightly bent is a good choice for most people.   It usually places your spine in a neutral, supported position which is pretty comfortable.  It’s best to choose a pillow which supports your head and doesn’t causes your neck to tilt sideways.

If you have low back pain you could also place a cushion between your knees to support your low back.


On your Front

Sleeping on your front can place strain on your neck as you have to turn your head to the side.  However, if you feel comfortable on your front just go for it!  A flat pillow is best here.  You might also like to put a small pillow under your tummy as this can be more comfortable for your low back.