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Gentle exercise such as walking is amazing for your general health.  It is also safe, easy, free and you can do as much or as little as your fitness allows.  I recommend it to nearly all of my clients.

Staying active can be harder during the winter.  It’s tempting to stay at home in front of the TV when it’s dark and cold outside so I’ve rounded up some apps which make exercise a bit easier and more enjoyable.

Apps to help you stay active this winter

The Walk  (Google Play, iTunes)
“A bomb explodes in Inverness station, and you’re given a package that could save the world. To stay alive, you’ll need to walk the length of the UK. The Walk is more than just a great pedometer/step counter — it’s a way to turn walking into a journey, a challenge, and a rip-roaring adventure.”


Zombies, Run (Google Play, iTunes)
“Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure, co-created with award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman. Every run becomes a mission where you’re the hero, with our immersive audio drama putting you at the centre of your very own zombie adventure story. While you run to the perfect mix of heart-pumping audio drama and pulse-pounding songs from your own playlist, you’ll collect supplies to grow your base back home.”


Walk The Dog (Google Play)
This simple app is a virtual dog that lives on your phone.  Keep your doggy happy by walking it twice a day.


World Walking (Google Play, iTunes)
Choose a virtual walk such as Peru’s Inca Trail or Route 66.   Your phone’s GPS will track your progress on the map and reveal famous sights along the way.


Have you tried any of these apps? How do you stay active in Winter time?