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Another month is nearly over so it’s time to get up to date with health and wellbeing news.

1. Channel 4’s Live Well For Longer looked at back pain and osteopathy.

2. Poor sleep may contribute to feelings of loneliness.

3.  What does running do to your brain?   “When you are under stress, metabolic processes in your liver convert the amino acid tryptophan into a molecule with the mumble-inducing name of knyurenine. Some of that knyurenine finds its way into your brain, where its accumulation has been strongly associated with stress-induced depression, anxiety disorders and schizophrenia. When you exercise, the levels of an enzyme called kynurenine aminotransferase build up in your muscles. This enzyme breaks down knyurenine into the related molecule kynurenic acid, which, importantly, cannot enter the brain. In this way, exercising your skeletal muscles by running clears from your bloodstream a substance that can cause mental health problems. It is important to note that, for technical and ethical reasons, some of the details of this mechanism have been proven only in laboratory animals.”

4. How the humble cabbage could help prevent cancer (based on research on mice)

5. 12 facts about your liver. It’s the only organ which can completely regenerate!

What I’ve Been Up To

I was glad to see some rain this month as my garden and allotment were really suffering with all the dry weather.   everything seems to be springing back to life now. Here are some carrots that I grew:


I spent an enjoyable evening doing the tour at Crate Brewery, and we also squeezed in a visit to Howling Hop Brewery.

My other half did a really nice gig at Luna Lounge in Leytonstone (I’m not too impressed with his posture though).


Of course we really enjoyed IndieTracks festival at the end of last month!


We attended a friend’s wedding this month which gave us a nice excuse to dress up a bit.

This weekend we are going on a flying visit to Cornwall for a family birthday which I am really looking forward to.


We’ve signed up for a 10k in Valencia in December so I have started running again.  I’m using a training plan on the Zombies Run app and am enjoying it so far!

What have you been doing this month?