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Another month is nearly over so it’s time to get up to date with health and wellbeing news.



I know a lot of you are busy enjoying summer in your gardens. Try this yoga routine to keep yourself supple and hopefully pain free.

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3.  Looks like your mobile phone won’t give you brain cancer after all.

4. Should you eat seasonal foods? Does organic really matter?

5. Need a relaxing break from TV? Try 10 hours of oceanscapes from the BBC .


What I’ve Been Up To

July has been another lovely month.  I had to spend a couple of days resting with a virus but apart from that it has been great!

Our BBQ at the start of the month was a real success with perfect weather and lots of our favourite people.  Our experimental Limoncello Spritz cocktails proved very popular and all the food got eaten.  There wasn’t even much tidying to do the next day!


My husband ‘treated’ me to an evening at Lords for Middlesex vs Surrey.  I’m not really that bothered by cricket but it was an enjoyable evening.

We also visited the ABBA experience at Southbank centre which was really fun!  I’m not sure anyone appreciated my singing but never mind 🙂


The allotment has been suffering a little in the heat but we’ve been getting a good harvest of courgettes, potatoes, beetroot, chard and onions.  I need to plant a few more crops to fill in the gaps but it’s just been too hot!


This weekend we are away at Indietracks festival.  I am volunteering for the first time and looking forward to wearing my high vis jacket!  I am also praying for a sunny, dry festival as the last few years have been quite wet.