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Stretching and exercise are super useful for managing many conditions and sciatica is no exception.  Here are some examples of stretches for Sciatica.  Everyone is different though, so I recommend you seek professional guidance if you are in pain.


Lockdown 2.0 – I’m Staying Open - As we approach a second lockdown in England starting on 5th November, I want to reassure all of my clients that my clinic is still open for face to face appointments. Osteopaths are considered Key Workers providing medical services. Your appointment would be considered a medical visit under the current lockdown restrictions. Naturally I am… Read More
Childs Pose Back Stretch Stretch your Back, Reduce Back Pain – Child’s Pose - Child's pose is a yoga stretch which is often really useful when you have back pain.  It works in a similar way to knee hugs - try both and see which you prefer.   1. Start in a kneeling position. 2. Stretch forwards and down, allowing your forehead to rest on the floor with your arms outstretched… Read More
Improve your posture Stretch – Improve your Posture in 30 Seconds - This gentle and easy stretch can be performed any time and is great for stopping slouching.     1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. 2. Put your hands on your hips. 3. Carefully lean backwards and hold for 10 seconds. 4. Perform 3 times, once a day.     – Keep breathing normally… Read More
Seated Gluteal Stretch Stretch – Glutes Stretch you can do at your Desk - You can perform this stretch any time you are sitting down - perfect if you work in an office environment.  It stretches the muscles around your hip and can help ease low back pain.   1. Sit upright and place your right leg over your left thigh. 2. Gently lean forwards until you can feel… Read More
Knee Hugs Stretch for Low Back Pain Stretch – Knee Hugs for your Low Back - This is one of my favourite stretches.  It is very easy to do, very gentle and effective for many types of back pain. 1. Lay flat with your knees straight. 2. Bend both knees and draw them up towards your chest. 3. Clasp your hands round the top of your shin, just below your knees.… Read More