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Hooray, it’s another bank holiday weekend!  I hope you’ve got a relaxing couple of days to look forward to.  Scroll down to get up to date with the month’s health news and my latest adventures.



2. There’s no such thing as a detox


3.  I really rate the Cat Cow exercise and I know many of my low back pain clients enjoy it.


4. Seven ways to prevent weak bones“Weight-bearing exercise (walking, running) helps to keep bones strong. Ideally, you need a mix of “feet on the ground” activity and muscle resistance such as weights, press-ups and swimming.”


5. Cara Lily Nutrition has put together this great explanation of caffeine and its effects on your health.


What I’ve Been Up To

I have really enjoyed this month.  The longer days and sunnier weather are so lovely.


I started off the month with a trip to Paris.  We stayed in a lovely airbnb in Belleville and spent most of the weekend just walking around in the sunshine.  It was brilliant!   I also enjoyed my first ever steak tartare.


On May Day bank holiday I went on a lovely walk along Regent’s Canal and tried several pubs along the way.


A quick visit to COPA exhibition was informative.  No free pens this year but I did manage to get some free food, and I won a bottle of Champagne from MRIPlus.  On the same day I attended a really fascinating lecture about epilepsy at Royal Institute.


Other than that I have been enjoying productive days in clinic, evenings at the allotment and a bit of sewing time.  I am determined to get to the bottom of my fabric stash!

We are still working on taking card payments at Ashlins which hopefully will be in place fairly soon.   How has your month been?