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Happy bank holiday weekend everyone!  I hope you’ve got lots of nice things lined up for your extra day off.

Here are my favourite health and wellness articles from recent weeks.  Pour yourself a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy some relaxing reading.


1. Cycling can reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer. (did you know you can get free cycle training from Waltham Forest council?)

2. Is running the best exercise?  There are some convincing arguments but I think walking is more accessible for most people.

3. Are naps the key to happiness?  I am a big fan.

4.  This is just cute: A Japanese spa is offering back massage form a cat

5. A good night’s sleep is super important.  Here’s how to choose your perfect mattress.
“You should lie down for 20 minutes on each one. If you just hop on and off, it’s hard to imagine how you will feel after an eight-hour sleep.”


What I’ve Been Up To

April has felt like a really long month, despite the long weekend for Easter!  We celebrated Easter Sunday with lots of chocolate, a walk in the rain and a Chinese takeaway 🙂

I went to a Howard Hodgkin exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

I also enjoyed my first visit to a Stow Startups meetup and the first ever Yolk event.

We found this strange bone in the garden.  I think it’s from a dog – any ideas?


I also went to a Save Orient gig at the Rose & Crown, which was excellent and surprisingly emotional.

Leyton Orient have been relegated from the football league for the first time in 112 years, and their existence is under threat due to appalling management from their chairman.

The Fans Trust are collecting a regeneration fund.  You can read all about it on their website, and please make a donation. Orient are one of London and indeed England’s oldest football clubs and are Waltham Forest’s only professional football club.  They’re an important part of our local culture and economy and need to be saved!

What I’m Listening to: