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Our lifestyles can be unhealthier than we think.  It’s easy to drink a bit more than we should, skip exercise and choose less than healthy meals.  No one has to be perfect all the time but equally you want to avoid ‘treats’ becoming bad habits.


how Are You quiz by Public Health England


I tried Public Health England’s ‘How Are You’ quiz and was pleasantly surprised by how useful it was.

The quiz only takes about 10 minutes and identifies areas for improvement as well as areas where you’re doing well.

It gives you gentle suggestions to improve your health.  The One You website has more detailed advice on smoking, drinking, stress, sleeping and exercise.


I assumed that I had quite a healthy lifestyle but doing the quiz made me realise I could exercise more often and eat more healthily (it’s a shame I like burgers and cheese so much).  Given my profession I consider myself pretty well informed when it comes to health so it just shows we all have something to learn.


Take the quiz >


It is sensible to discuss health concerns with your GP.  Other health professionals, including Osteopaths, can support a healthy lifestyle.  Find out how we could help you with a free consultation – phone 020 8520 5268 to book in.