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One of the best things about February is that it’s so short, so your latest Weekend Reads is here already 🙂

I hope you all survived Storm Doris this week and are looking forward to pancake day on Tuesday.

1. I thought these Self Care for Spring ideas were really useful (and now I’m dying to buy more house plants).

2. A compound from snail venom may help with chronic pain.

3. Do we really need 10 fruit and veg a day instead of 5?

4.  The Health Benefits of Knitting (including stress relief)

5. More time walking leads to less time in hospital for over 55s


What I’ve Been Up To

February has been a pretty good month!

We celebrated 1 year since we adopted our cats, Sky and Leo.


We enjoyed a long weekend in Lanzarote.  It wasn’t quite as warm and sunny as we hoped; they were having their worst weather for more than a year!  I still managed to squeeze in some sunbathing and we went to see the volcanoes.

Other than that it has been a pretty relaxed month and I’m definitely looking forward to Spring.


What I’m Listening to:  Leonard Cohen – Tower of Song