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If you’re planning a holiday for Valentine’s day or half term it’s worth taking care of your spine during your travels.  No one wants a well deserved break ruined by back pain!

How to avoid back and neck pain on your winter break

Here are a couple of quick tips to keep you fit and healthy:


Only pack what you can comfortably lift and carry

Sounds obvious, but how many times have you struggled to lift your suitcase or left the house with multiple large bags?  Think carefully about what you really need to pack.  If you do forget something it’s usually not a disaster, after all most destinations do have shops.
I also suggest choosing your suitcase or bag carefully.  It needs to be comfortable to carry.  For more tips see the excellent onebag.com.
 – Support your low back during travel

You may find it more comfortable to place a small cushion or folded jumper/scarf in the small of your back. Some of my clients love the NeckBone and AirComfy.


– Support your head and neck during travel

If you’re going to be sleeping on a train or plane it makes sense to bring a neck pillow.  A few options include NeckBone, J-PillowAirComfy, although you can often get inflatable pillows from chemists and pound shops.


 – Use sensible lifting technique

Bend your knees rather than your back when lifting your luggage. Read my blog on how to lift correctly.


– Keep moving!

Staying in one position for a long time is a nightmare for your spine.  You need to keep moving.  Try to get up and walk around if you can. If you are stuck in your seat, point your toes up and down, gently rock from side to side, and lift your knees up and down.  Read my post on holiday stretches.


If the worst happens and you get back or neck pain, see your osteopath when you get back.  Book an appointment with me by calling 020 8520 5268.