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Christmas seems to be a dangerous time for backs.  Every year I see a lot of cases of back pain during December, many due to Christmas related activities.

Let me help you learn from the mistakes of others.  Here are a few tips for keeping your back safe:


  1. Use good bending and lifting technique
    Bending awkwardly is a really good way to hurt your back!  Lifting turkeys out of the oven, heavy groceries from the car and decorations from the loft are all potentially dangerous.Take your time, bend your knees, and get nice and close to the weight before you lift.  Get someone to help you with particularly large or heavy items.

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  2.  Avoid sitting for long periods
    Christmas can mean hours sitting still, whether it’s long journeys home, big family meals or just enjoying Christmas TV.Obviously it’s a good idea to maintain good posture (no slouching!), but it’s also super important to move.  Regular movement helps your muscles stay supple and healthy.
  3. Partying too hard!
    We should all enjoy Christmas and New Year but try not to go too wild.  Alcohol acts as a muscle relaxant – so it is easier to over do it on the dance floor or trip and hurt yourself when you’ve been drinking.


If you do hurt your back try an ice pack, gentle stretching and walking, and seek treatment if it doesn’t improve after a few days.