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A few weeks ago I talked about backpacks and why they are so great for your spine.  Today I want to show you how to choose a good one!

How to choose a great backpack. click through for your full guide

This is what I look for in a backpack

1. Padded straps

For me, padded shoulder straps are a must.  Some brands have totally unpadded straps and some are pathetically flimsy.  Look for a bag with nice sturdy, substantial padding.
2. Structure and Padding in the Back
The best backpacks have internal structure including a sturdy, padded back.  This stops your things shifting around in the bag and means they don’t dig in to your back.
3. Chest Strap
A chest strap holds your backpack closer to your body which makes it easier for your back to manage the weight.  If you’re carrying anything heavy,  a chest strap is a must.


There are lots of additional features such as lumbar support, special pockets and waterproof covers to consider.  You should also try on the bag and make sure it is comfortable.

Happy shopping!