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Stretch out tight, painful shoulders1. Lie flat on your back, or if comfortable stand upright.

2. Hold a cane or broomstick in both hands.

3. Using your good arm to guide the bad arm gently lift the cane upwards, above your head (first image).

4. Slowly bring your arms back down (second image).

5. Keeping your elbows bent, take your hands to your left hand side (third image).

6. Repeat on the right hand side.

7. Lift your good arm out to the side and up above your head (fourth image).

8. Repeat each movement 5 times, once a day.


– Keep breathing normally while you exercise. Do not hold your breath.
– Exercise gently and slowly. It should not hurt.
– If an exercise becomes painful, stop immediately and seek advice from your therapist.
– Only perform exercises which have been prescribed or approved by a qualified individual such as your GP, physiotherapist or osteopath.