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September is almost over, the Autumn Equinox has been and gone and here are my favourite reads of the month:

1.  I’ve no idea how accurate this gif is, but it is pretty fascinating.

Normal Growth of Teeth

2.  I Wore a Massage Hoody for a Week & Got Back Pain – Just shows there’s no replacement for a professional therapist.

3.  Maybe high fat cheese is good for you?  It is certainly delicious – everything in moderation I suppose!

4. I Love the idea of this free meal plan and cook book.  Eat well for £2.57 a day

5. Have you ever tried mindful commuting?

6. 4 Myths about Back Pain by Chartered Society of Physiotherapists

What I’ve been Up To

September has been a lovely month, a bit quieter than July & August but still lots of fun.

I went canoeing in Broxborne followed by a nice bike ride home.

My husband and I saw Kid Canaveral at The Good Ship in Kilburn  They were really excellent, highly recommended!

 I enjoyed a weekend at the Good Life Experience with 2 of my chums.  Highlights included sliding down the helter skelter and carving a spoon with Grain and Knot.

We had a day trip to Oxford which was very enjoyable, despite it tipping down with rain for most of the day.  We bought a lot of fudge and tested the local pubs pretty thoroughly.

My Girl Guide group started meeting again on Friday after our summer break.  It’s been nice having my Friday evenings to myself but I’m excited to be back!

Listening to: Let Go of the Past – The Tuts