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Getting out of bed can be a total nightmare when your back hurts.

There is a trick to make it a lot easier – let me explain.


Firstly, warm up your muscles with very gentle movements.
Slowly bend and straighten your legs a couple of times.
Bend up your knees and gently rock your legs from side to side.
Try a couple of knee hugs.
Secondly you need to turn on your side.
If you woke up on your side then great, move on to the next step.
If you are lying on your back, bend your knees up and rest your feet on your bed.
Drop your knees over to one side and rest down on your bed. It may help to gently hold in your stomach muscles.
This will cause your hips and low back to also start to turn. Use your arms to turn your shoulders.

sit from lying

Thirdly, if you’re near the edge of your bed drop your legs off the side and down towards the floor.
Use your arms to push your torso up. Again, you may need to engage your stomach muscles at this point.
Let your arms support your weight.

If you’re too far from the edge of the bed you can try just pushing up on your arms, or try shuffling to the edge of the bed.

You should now be sitting on the edge of your bed and can slowly stand up!


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