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You probably spend 7 hours a day or more in your office chair.  That’s around 35 hours a week and 140 hours a month!

It’s definitely worth investing time and money in choosing a suitable chair. Here’s what you should look for:



Adjustable height

A pretty basic requirement these days, but useful nonetheless. We’re all different heights and your chair will need to be adjusted to reflect that.


– Sturdy Padding

Poor quality, soft padding will wear out quickly leaving you with little support.  This could increase pressure in your low back and buttocks.


– Adjustable or Removable Arm Rests

Arm rests are not essential but if you like them, make sure you can still get your chair under your desk!   If your arm rests get in the way you won’t be able to sit properly.  You may be forced to slouch forwards and lean on your desk rather than rest onto the back support.


– Suitable Seat Depth

The depth of your chair should be shorter than the length of your thigh. You should be able to sit with your back against the back rest and knees comfortably bent over the edge of the chair.


Good luck with your chair shopping!


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