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How long do you spend at your desk in one go? One or two hours?  All day? And how about after work – do you spend the evening relaxing on the sofa?

Many adults spend around 60%  of their waking hours sitting down (1, 2) , increasing their risk of serious illness and premature death (3).  It’s true – sitting really is that bad for you!

Public Health England recommend a minimum of 2 hours standing during working hours through a combination of  sitstand desks, standing based work, and regular walk-abouts.

Here’s how I remember to take my breaks. Hopefully these suggestions will help you too.



  1. Set an alarm on your phone. Basic, but it works!
  2. Schedule breaks in your calendar, and set a notification.
  3. Try a browser plug in/extension. (Chrome: Gimme a Break, eyeCare, Timer, more.  Firefox: StretchClock, SimpleTimer,  Take a Break.)
  4. Work according to the Pomodoro Technique.
  5. Get up to make your own tea or coffee instead of letting someone else bring it to you.
  6. Leave the office during your lunch break.
  7. Listen to an album or podcast and have a break when it finishes.
  8. Hold standing meetings.
  9. Stick a colourful dot next to your screen.  Every time you notice it, stand up or stretch.
  10. Notice your posture.  If you’re slouching or resting your chin in your hand, it’s time for a break.


Hopefully you can use at least a couple of those suggestions.  Which one will you try first?  Do you have any other tips – let me know in the comments.