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When performed correctly this stretch is quite relaxing, and perfect for undoing hours of hunching over a computer.


Upper Back Stretch


1. Roll up a small towel.

2. Lie on your back with the towel underneath and horizontally placed across your shoulder blades. Put a small pillow under your head.

3. Interlock your fingers under your head and allow your elbows to drop down towards the floor.
Don’t worry if they don’t touch the floor.

4. Breathe slowly and deeply and allow your spine to gently stretch over the towel. Allow your shoulders to stretch, letting your elbows fall closer to the floor.

5. Remain in this position for 5 minutes. You may want to play some relaxing music while you do this.

6. Perform once a day.

– Keep breathing normally while you stretch. Do not hold your breath.
– Stretch gently and slowly. You should be able to feel a stretching sensation but it should not hurt.
– If a stretch becomes painful, stop immediately and seek advice from your therapist.
– Only perform stretches which have been prescribed or approved by a qualified individual such as your GP, physiotherapist or osteopath.