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18 Amazing Facts About Your Body

How much do you know about your body? One of the reasons I love my job so much is that I’m fascinated by how the human body works, and no matter how much you know already, there is always plenty more to learn.

I don’t usually like infographics all that much but this one features some pretty cool facts, and as an added bonus their stats seem to be fairly accurate.

Researched and produced by Advanced Physical Medicine – Chicago Bucktown Physical Therapy..

News Round – 29th Jan 2012 – Back pain, self care and walking

Osteopath Stephen Sacks (who trained with me at BCOM) discusses the benefits of kinesiotape with the Daily Mail.

Tim Allardyce, who is a physiotherapist and osteopath, shares some tips on managing back pain in this useful video.

Sorry to link to the Daily Mail again, but here’s an interesting piece about the health benefits of walking.

Legendary osteopath and naturopath Leon Chaitow gives some advice on self treatment.

National Stress Awareness Day

National Stress Awareness Day - Organised by ISMA


Wednesday 2nd November 2011 marks the 13th National Stress Awareness Day, organised by ISMAUK .

While stress is a normal part of everyday life, and can in fact be beneficial, too much uncontrolled stress can negatively impact your health and happiness.  Research by insurance company AXA suggests that stress levels have doubled over the last 4 years so it is obviously a growing problem.

A major contributor to stress is work.  Demanding bosses, never-ending task lists, long commutes and dreary offices combine to create difficult working days.

However, there are steps you can take to control your stress levels for a happier, more relaxing lifestyle.


1.  Plan your working day.

Planning your day will help you take control of your workload and leave the office with a sense of satisfaction.  Identify your most important tasks each day and try not to become distracted from them.


2. Have a break (KitKat optional)

Taking breaks actually increases your productivity, as well as helping relieve tension in  your body.  Try to get some fresh air at least once a day – natural daylight helps to boost your mood.


3. Choose the best fuel

Just as a car needs fuel to run, your body requires food and hydration.  Choosing junk food and sugary, caffeinated drinks causes your body to experience ‘highs’ followed by ‘low’ periods.  Anyone who has tried to give up coffee will be familiar with caffeine withdrawal headaches!

Whole grains, seeds, nuts, fruit, water and herbal teas help your body to stay on an  ‘even keel’, helping you to feel more energetic and avoid sleepy afternoons.


4. Relax

This may sound obvious, but if stress is taking over your life, make some time to relax.  Don’t work in the evenings, but spend time unwinding before bed to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Many people find spending 5 or 10 minutes concentrating in deep breathing or meditation very helpful.  You can download a relaxing mp3 here.

Lastly, why not play some stress busting games!



News Round Up 12/09/2011 – Fizzy drinks, Stow Festival and children’s posture.

Harmful Soda
Via: Term Life Insurance

Think about this infographic next time you reach for a bottle of coke!

Yet another great Fooducate article explaining exactly what fats, proteins and carbs do for us.

The Stow Festival kicks off on 29th September, showcasing the very best musical talent from E17.  Visit the official site.

Wellbeing magazine discovers that osteopathy isn’t just for backs.

Nike have produced this very bizarre ‘second skin’ women’s sportswear.

An osteopath warns that more should be done to prevent poor posture in children.

News Round Up – 17th August 2011 – Exercise, Iron, Osteopathy for Elephants, and does back pain run in families?


Kelston Chorely of the British Osteopathic Association recommends cycling to work as a great way to exercise.

A big shock comes in the form of an interesting Daily Mail article – The World’s First Osteopath for Elephants.

The New York Times asks if back pain runs in families, with recent studies suggesting that it might.

The Guardian offers  exercise tips for obese people.

Fooducate explains the importance of iron, and some tips to increase your iron absorption.