Links Pack 5.6.13 | Worlds’ Most Expensive Chair, Ants with Back Pain

Photo Credit: Charlie Stinchcomb via Compfight cc

Do ants get back pain?
Photo Credit: Charlie Stinchcomb via Compfight cc

Call me a massive geek, but I have been really enjoying The Guardian’s Science podcast.

When the sun comes out, we all want to go and enjoy the garden.  Osteopath Adam Dallison has shared some great tips for protecting your back while gardening.

The Daily Mail showed us the world’s most expensive office chair; The Limbic which costs £8,000 and is designed to encourage you to move.  My advice is save your money and take regular break instead!

A user on Quora asked “Do ants get back pain from carrying heavy things?

It was reported that long term use of ibuprofen may increase your risk of heart disease.


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