News round up – 19th June 2011 – Skeletons, Poo Burgers, Heart Replacements and Osteopathic Treatment

The Secret Life of Skeletons is creepy looking but very cool.

Bizarre and slightly disgusting story about making a burger from poo.

Doctors replace a calf’s heart with two centrifugal pumps. The calf has no pulse but is alive and well!

A pop up cinema has been launched in Walthamstow.

This column by Martin Robbins examines The Guardian’s piece on osteopathy and asthma and is well worth reading. From my point of view, it is wrong to claim osteopathy can treat asthma. There is no clear evidence for this, and anyone suffering from asthma should seek advice from their GP. However, in my experience osteopathic treatment can and does help a variety of respiratory problems. It is certainly not the only treatment an asthmatic should try, but it may help manage the condition. Hopefully one day the funding will exist to carry out more detailed studies on the effectiveness of manual therapies on non-musculo-skeletal conditions.

Lastly, this video gives a nice insight into a technique used by osteopaths to help treat back pain. It’s not all just cracking and clicking!

News Round Up 12th June

Pardon Me....Are You Missing This?

Simon le Bon is being helped by his osteopath brother, Jonathan le Bon, to recover from a throat infection.

Lifehacker bring us an article about what sugar does to your brain and body.

I have never heard of IDD (intervertebral differential dynamics) before but it seems to have worked for at least one person suffering from a disc injury.

A useful article about losing weight by Ashley James Health and Performance.

Apparently McDonalds will now be serving ethically sourced fish in Europe.

And lastly,  10 cute photos of cats on small furniture.

Jogsteopath – Sarah learns to run – couch to 5k

I often advise my patients that they should take up some form of exercise for the myriad of benefits it offers; improved cardiovascular fitness, mood improving endorphin rushes, toned muscles, improved fluid dynamics,  weight loss due to extra calorie burning and an overall feeling of health and vitality.

However, despite leading quite an active lifestyle I haven’t done any regular exercise since I was a student and it was starting to show.  Things had to change.

I’m scared of cycling on the road, too lazy to go swimming and rubbish at most sports.  But I have always loved running and the sense of freedom it gives me, so I decided to start jogging home from work a couple of times a week.

After a couple of false starts and misguided attempts (don’t try jogging in plimsoles!) I’ve just completed the first week of the couch to 5k program and it feels great!

the road is waiting

Essentially Couch to 5 k, or C25k for those in the know, is a program designed to take you from being an unfit slob to being able to run 5 kilometres in the space of 9 weeks.

You begin by jogging for 60 seconds with recovery periods of 90 seconds in between, and build up from there.  I have been using podcasts made by the NHS, where a helpful lady tells me when to jog and when to walk with funky music to entertain me on the way.
I’ll be blogging every week to keep you up to date with my progress.

In the mean time:

If you see me pounding the mean streets of north west London, do give me a wave!

News Round Up – 5/6/2011

The Human Body

I love this illustration by Ray Fenwick. Via I Heart Guts

The Guardian brings us news that the NHS is piloting a gardening and vegetable growing scheme to help treat depression:

Interesting post from a dentistry blog about dentists and osteopaths working together

Our Fat Future infographic from Fooducate.

14 tips for getting more sleep by The Happiness Project is something that we could all learn from.

On a more local note, I had no idea this photography exhibition in Walthamstow was even taking place but it sounds pretty cool.  Prints are available to buy with 90% off profits going to Crisis.  The exhibition runs until 18th June.